Complete Your eKYC

(*) Indicates mandatory
  • In order to make the KALIA payment process more secured and effective, we are changing the payment method and adopting Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS). In this method, the KALIA benefit will be transfered to the beneficiary Bank account that is seeded with aadhaar number.
  • In order to ensure the Aadhaar number provided by the KALIA beneficiary at the time of application, the eKYC process is adopted.
  • Note: KALIA portal does not capture or save any information other than the Name as per Aadhaar Card in its system and also does not share the eKYC data with any other person/system/organisation. This is used ONLY for KALIA payment process.
  • Please provide correct Aadhaar number of self in the prescribed field given above. In case it is found at any stage that Aadhaar number provided by you is wrong or not yours, the application is liable to be rejected.
  • In case your Aadhaar is invalid or your mobile number is not seeded, you are requested to make necessary corrections at any Aadhaar enrolment centre at the earliest and revisit the portal with your e-Aadhaar details.

I hereby give my consent for authenticating myself with Aadhaar based authentication system through One Time Pin (OTP) for purpose of availing benefit of KALIA through Aadhaar Payment Bridge System.